The Model Craft Collection Multi Clamps (Small)

The Model Craft Collection Multi Clamps (Small)

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2 x 80mm Berna Multiclamps [PCL8710/2]

These unique clamps, developed in France by Dr. Berna, are made of technologically advanced materials used in the aircraft industry. Beams are made of high density carbon fibres and the jaws are incredibly supple – giving the clamps a tactile flexibility and pressure sensitivity similar to the human hand.

Multiple Clamps – Use clamps in various combinations to press on otherwise hard to reach surfaces

Spreading Tool – By reversing the direction of the buffers, Berna Assemblers can be used as spreading tools. Ideal for holding workpieces for painting, weathering etc.

Create a Jig – Use Berna Assemblers in conjunction with connectors and other accessories to create your own jigs to hold even the most complex shapes.