Why don't you have an online shop?

The internet is a great tool and online shopping makes it easier than ever before to get what we need quickly and cheaply but the downside of this is that online shopping kills off small businesses.  We want to modelling enthusiasts to use and support their local model shop - rather than buying online.  We do occasionally sell items on our eBay shop but only after we've offered them, in the shop, to our customers for several months and they haven't found a new home.

But I really like Train Times, how can i support you if you're not online?

You're always welcome to call or email!  We love that we have such an enthusiastic customer base from all over the world who want to support us and we're more than happy to post things anywhere in the world.  By communicating in this way we are able to chat about your needs and work out best how to help - much friendlier than purchasing online!

Where's the nearest Club?

Obviously this question varies elsewhere in the world but we're compiling a directory of the local modelling, railway, and wargaming clubs that you might like to attend, and that can be found here.

What's a good age to start a model railway?

Good question, and there's not an easy answer: It depends.  I know kids I'd trust with a knife and adults I wouldn't trust with a lollipop stick.  It's got to be remembered that a lot of things involved with modelling are either delicate or dangerous and as such must be treated with a great deal of care and adult supervision.  But if a child is interested in railways and modelling it's our duty to help fan that flame and get them involved but it's a judgement call on whether they're responsible enough!

On my model railway can I run a GWR Locowith a LMS Coach and Southern goods wagons? (or similar)


It's your railway - do what you want with it.  If you like the look of it then enjoy modelling and running it.  The only real time to worry about this is if your modelling a specific location and time and want it to be as accurate as possible.  

Do you repair locos

We do offer a repair service.  We run both an in house service to quickly deal with issues and we have links to several other UK based repair services that we use for specialist repairs and parts.  Please call or drop in for more information.