Features Overview

The South East of England has a diverse selection of interests when it comes to modelling, if you're looking to meet people with similar interests then get in touch with a club.  They're great at sharing knowledge, improving your skills, or just to visit for a chat.  If you belong to a club that isn't listed here then do let us know via the Contact Form.


Model Railway

Eastbourne is very lucky to have a plethora of welcoming and engaging model railway clubs and societies in the area, they meet in different locations and on different days so with any luck there should be one to suit everyone's schedule.


Scale modelling

One of the earliest hobbies for so many people!  From building a scale replica of Douglas Bader's Spitfire to The Girls in Panzer Hippo Team there's something for everyone to get their teeth stuck into.  Learn new techniques and skills from others and show off what you can build!



If you fancy a bit of a battle but don’t know where to go then take a peak at these clubs. There’s a variety of games, terrains, and armies going on at anyone time! Despite the fact that they keep battling these clubs are actually very friendly and welcoming!