Train Times Announces new RTR Wagon! LB&SCR D.1433 in 00 Gauge

We at Train Times are pleased to announce our first ever in house RTR item! The LB&SCR D.1433 covered good wagon! in 00 Gauge!

LB&SCR D.1433 hand decorated first EPHand decorated initial EP, livery and details subject to change

These wagons lasted all the way from the 1870s to British Railways! We will be offering 14 different livery/number combinations initially, covering the whole life of the wagons, including some Isle of Wight variants.

Our wagons are completely made in the UK and will be available for £28. Pre-orders will open soon, once the second EPs are finished.

The list of our initial variants is below:

Livery Number SKU
LBSC 1870 - 1890 8205 TTLBSC001001
LBSC 1890 - 1905 8043 TTLBSC001002
LBSC 1905 - 1923 8091 TTLBSC001003
LBSC 1905 - 1923 8225 TTLBSC001004
LBSC Departmental 8145 TTLBSC001005
SR pre-1935 46389 TTLBSC001006
SR pre-1935 46293 TTLBSC001007
SR post-1935 46311 TTLBSC001008
SR post-1935 46221 TTLBSC001009
SR CME Ashford TTLBSC001010
SR Departmental 1128s TTLBSC001011
SR IoW Fish 46943 TTLBSC001012
SR IoW Fish 46946 TTLBSC001013


Second EPs are being worked on and should be available soon, at which point we will open the order book!

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